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Vocational Training and Scholarship

As we build relationships with women through our Outreach programs, we offer women vocational training or education opportunities based on their skills and interests. We provide services from our own facility in Beauty Salon skills, and also refer women to other partner NGO’s to receive vocational training in Sewing and Design, Cooking, and Front Desk Administration……

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Counselling and Health Support

Precious Women reaches out to women that have faced abuse and exploitation. We want to see holistic healing in their lives, so we provide both emotional support and counseling support to the women……

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Butterfly Home

Butterfly Home is a safe place for women to live while they go through their vocational training or education at Precious Women. While living in Butterfly Home they receive monthly financial support to cover food and other expenses since they aren’t working…

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Night Outreach

Precious Women’s Outreach teams visit beer gardens and karaoke bars in Phnom Penh. The Outreach staff talk to the women, listen to their stories, and introduce them to the opportunities available to them at Precious Women.

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Empowerment Training

Empowerment Training sessions are organized at the Karaoke bars and Beer gardens. This is one of the ways that the Outreach staff continue building relationships with the women.

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Women Fellowship

Once a month we hold Fellowship Parties, and invite women that we have met through the Outreach programs. We also hold Special Events three times a year for Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day,

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Voice of Hope Radio Program

The Voice of Hope radio program is broadcasted once a week through the Women’s Media Center 102FM in Cambodia. This radio broadcast raises awareness about women working in the entertainment industry in the KBB’s (karaoke bars and beer gardens). ……..

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Prayer Requests

We appreciate your prayers for the following specific needs : Prayers as we continue to build relationships with women in the KTV’s and Beer Gardens in our current neighbourhood Healing for the women as they leave their jobs and lifestyles where they have been exploited, and as they regain their

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Learn About The Issues

Many women who come to the city of Phnom Penh from the provinces arrive with nothing – no money, no skills and no education. They often find themselves in situations where they are unable to provide for their own basic needs of food, clothing, and housing, and for the needs of their families. Many of the women are under 25 years old – illiterate, deserted by husbands, or widowed and living away from their provincial home.

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Precious Women (PW) is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia working to empower women who have been exploited in the sex/entertainment industry. PW’s vision is to see these women working in an environment free of exploitation and for all women to be treated with dignity and equality. Programs range from prevention

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