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Night Outreach

Precious Women’s Outreach teams visit beer gardens and karaoke bars in Phnom Penh. The Outreach staff talk to the women, listen to their stories, and introduce them to the opportunities available to them at Precious Women. This all begins with building relationships and ensuring that the women feel respected and safe. Staff collect information to asses the women’s needs, recognize their vulnerable situation, and enable Precious Women’s resources to meet their specific needs. In an area so darkened by exploitation and abuse we desire to bring the light and freedom of God.

Our ultimate aim is to protect women from exploitation and to help them regain hope and start the healing process, so that their lives can be transformed. We empower women to look at their lives and we give them the opportunity to learn new skills to earn an income in an environment free from exploitation.

We continue to pursue relationships and conversations with the women as we visit over the months, and we invite them to join in other events and programs at Precious Women.