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The Outreach Program initiates relationships with women working in the sex/entertainment industry.

Staff visit the karaoke bars and beer gardens to contact the women, and inform them about Precious Women. Staff also work to build relationships with the bar owners. Through Outreach, staff implement Empowerment Training about Life Skills, have Women’s Fellowship to bring everyone together, and spread awareness and knowledge through the Voice of Hope Radio. Once these relationships are started with the Outreach program, women are given the opportunity to get more involved through Precious Women’s Butterfly Program.


The Butterfly Program continues the relationships with the women, and involves them further with Precious Women.

Precious Women enables their resources to meet each woman’s needs. Through the various programs, Precious Women staff provide a clear strategy and implement a plan, opening the door for clients to exit the sex industry. This is done through providing Vocational Training and Scholarship with job opportunities, Counseling and Health Support, and Safe Temporary Housing. Through these programs, the women can experience healing, and gain new skills training to provide for themselves in the future.