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Mara Kong from Cambodia New Life and Houston Texas, United States. In 2015 I was introduced to a lovely and compassionate young lady named Solida Seng. She is the leader and the founder of Precious Women in Cambodia. I was touched by her compassionate heart and that she wants to help.

Rescue the unfortunate women who are working in the bars, and to equip them with skills that allow them to be able to help live in a Godly way. So, I was touched by this action, by this compassionate heart and that’s why I spend my time to help Precious Women in their work and their need by providing some teaching to the staff and to the students, the women of Precious Women. I learned that for this organization to grow they need help and support from people who can help them, so I pray that God can touch people that hear the cry of the hurting people, the hurting women, who really need their help, to help Precious Women to rescue more people, more women who are hurting. Please contact Precious Women if you need to have more information,