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Vocational Training and Scholarship

As we build relationships with women through our Outreach programs, we offer women vocational training or education opportunities based on their skills and interests. We provide services from our own facility in Beauty Salon skills, and also refer women to other partner NGO’s to receive vocational training in Sewing and Design, Cooking, and Front Desk Administration.

At our facility, the women receive training for traditional Khmer weddings in hair styling, cosmetology and nail art by our beauty trainer. This vocational training program is one year long, and when the women graduate they can take their skills to other salons to provide an alternative income for themselves. Many also hope to run their own beauty salons at some point in the future. Some of the women in this program live in Butterfly Home while they complete their training, and others have outside accommodation.

There is also the opportunity for women to be given scholarships through Precious Women to receive an education through university.